Since its creation, the Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation has always made academic support, development, and enhancement a priority. We view academics as the most important facet in a young person’s life, and by using athletics, and basketball in particular, as a platform, we are able to communicate the importance of strong academics.

The Foundation has long worked with local schools, organizations, and businesses as a way to provide academic resources to the youth in Chester and Philadelphia. Some of our more recent programs and events include the following:

Tutoring at MJ Test Prep

The Foundation sponsored individualized tutoring sessions at MJ Test Prep, a highly-regarded tutoring center in Bryn Mawr, PA. Students were transported from their homes to MJ Test Prep and given individualized attention in an effort to help them with their academic needs. Participants were also asked to provide progress reports and report cards so we were able to track progress and tailor their tutoring sessions in a way that fit their individual needs.

Tutoring at Neumann University (In Conjunction with Rosemont College)

In the winter of 2016, the Foundation sponsored a tutoring series at Neumann University located in Aston, PA. 8 sessions spanning 16 weeks were designed to give individualized academic attention to our participants while also helping them realize passions in their life they could pursue through academic support and performance. Students majoring in education at Rosemont College joined our effort and provided tutoring for our participants. Additionally, with each session we brought in a speaker in to discuss their career with the group in hopes of sparking new passions and avenues of interest within our group. Our speakers ranged from a Division I college basketball coach, a county judge, a police officer, a community activist, a college professor and more. Our hope with this program was to both offer individualized academic support while opening the group’s eyes to career paths they may have never occurred to them in hopes that they will develop a passion and pursue a career they care deeply about.

2016 College Toolkit Experience (In Conjunction with Saint Joseph’s University)

In November of 2016, the Foundation sponsored its first ever “College Toolkit Experience Day,” an event that sought to combine academics, athletics, and a behind-the-scenes look at life as a collegiate student-athlete. In conjunction with Saint Joseph’s University, this event allowed for a group of young students and their parents (about 60 participants in total) an opportunity to tour St. Joseph’s campus and get a glimpse at college life. Along with tour academic buildings and student hubs, the group was also taken through the athletic and sports-training facilities on campus.

To conclude the event, the Foundation provided the group with tickets to the Saint Joseph’s Men’s Basketball Team’s season-opening game versus Toledo. The children in our group were given the opportunity to be ball boys and girls during warm-ups and the game and also competed in promotional games and contests during media time-outs and halftime. The game was a great opportunity to see athletics at the collegiate level – Saint Joseph’s raised a banner for winning the A-10 Championship the previous year and won the game, ultimately capping off a great event that we wish to continue in the future.

The Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation views preparing the youth of Chester and Philadelphia for higher levels of education as a duty that, if carried out correctly, will allow all our participants to pursue the career of their dreams and develop them into community leaders. Moving forward, we wish to expand upon or past successes in the realm of academic enhancement and offer the proper resources and guidance to those who need it most in our community.