Building Mental Toughness: Tune In/Tune Out

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Most people who listen to the radio have their favorite station. When they turn the radio on, they have to make sure that they tune into the station they want. If not, they will end up hearing something that doesn’t interest them or maybe even annoys them. And if they are not paying attention to what they are doing, they may end up getting static or no sound at all.

In playing sports, it’s important that you learn how to tune into those things that will make you a better player. You want to tune into your goals, your personal strengths, what you control, positive thoughts, constructive feedback from your coaches, learning from your mistakes, staying in the present moment, what you are grateful for, and playing with a sense of purpose and passion. What you must learn to tune out are the negative comments or behaviors from other people, negative judgments about yourself, questioning things that you don’t control, complaining about or blaming others, replaying mistakes in your mind, thinking that you are not worthy, and worrying about the future.

So, take a moment and write down the things you want to tune into. It can be a certain coach who has been very supportive, music that inspires you, a good book, exercises that keep you physically healthy and strong, your best friends, and identifying your personal goals.

– Tony Lanzillo, PJNF Mental Skills Coach, and Contributor

Tony Lanzillo is the founder of Mental Peak and is a mental skills coach.  As a mental health professional for over 20 years, Anthony “Tone” Lanzillo has often used the theme of sports to engage and educate his clients about the importance of mental skills in everyday life. It was when his younger son was in the 6th grade, and playing three different sports, that he began exploring how athletes could use mental skills in their practices and games. Since then, Lanzillo has been writing about the mental game of sports for such websites as FirstDown Playbook, Coaches Training Room, Ultimate Hockey Source, Lax Playbook,  Online Soccer Coaching, World of Basketball, Athletic Management, Lacrosse All-Stars, Coaches Clipboard and Coach Book. Also, he has shared his ideas and worked with athletes in such sports as softball, boxing, field hockey, football, soccer, basketball and lacrosse.

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