Mental Conditioning Monday: Get It Right

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The Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation
The Pete and Jameer Nelson Foundation

Throughout the day, we will ask ourselves a number of questions.

What many of us don’t realize is that a lot of the questions we ask ourselves only make us feel worse. These are questions that will trigger frustration, anxiety and doubt about ourselves and our situations.

Likewise, there are many athletes who find themselves asking such questions as – “Why am I a failure?” – “Why do I make so many mistakes?” – “How come I can never get it right?” – “Why am I not as talented as the other players?”. By asking these kind of questions, the athletes will come up with answers that will only reinforce the negative questions. An athlete has to be careful about the questions that he asks himself because just one negative question, and he can lose his focus, sense of purpose and desire to play.

So, if you want to get it right, you want to ask questions that will put you in a positive, productive and proactive state of mind. You want to ask questions like – “What can I do today to become a better player?” – “How can I support my team?” – “What am I grateful for?” – “How can I visualize success?” – What are my personal strengths?” – “How can I become mentally stronger?”


-Tony Lanzillo is the founder of Mental Peak and is a mental skills coach.  As a mental health professional for over 20 years, Anthony “Tone” Lanzillo has often used the theme of sports to engage and educate his clients about the importance of mental skills in everyday life. It was when his younger son was in the 6th grade, and playing three different sports, that he began exploring how athletes could use mental skills in their practices and games. Since then, Lanzillo has been writing about the mental game of sports for such websites as FirstDown Playbook, Coaches Training Room, Ultimate Hockey Source, Lax Playbook,  Online Soccer Coaching, World of Basketball, Athletic Management, Lacrosse All-Stars, Coaches Clipboard and Coach Book. Also, he has shared his ideas and worked with athletes in such sports as softball, boxing, field hockey, football, soccer, basketball and lacrosse.

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