How Full Is Your Glass?

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Many of you have probably heard the proverbial question that people ask themselves or each other – Is your glass half-full or half-empty? In life, and in sports, it’s amazing how many of us look at things from the half-empty perspective. We look at what we don’t have but other people do. We look at what someone doesn’t have in their wallet or checking account without considering what’s inside their hearts or minds. We look at the past and forget the present or future. We look at our limitations and discount our strengths. We look at who has hurt us and not who has been there to help.

As a basketball player, it is essential that you keep looking at your glass as half-full. Yes, things are not perfect, and most of us will have challenges and obstacles to face and hopefully overcome. But if you want to give yourself the best chance and opportunity to see what you can really do on and off the court, then keep your eyes on what you have and what you want.

Keep looking at what you love about practicing with your coaches and teammates, and not the fact that you can’t go out and party. Keep looking at the steps you have taken to get better with your dribbling, or playing tough defense, and not keep replaying in your mind only the mistakes that you made on the court. Keep looking at your goals, and where you want to go with your game and in life, and not pay attention to the people around you who will try to persuade you that you have pipe dreams that will never come true. Keep looking at what you are grateful and thankful for, and not start feeling a sense of entitlement and that everything should simply be easy or handed to you.

If you want to feel as if you are living a full life – on and off the court – then keep looking at the part of your glass that is full. It will provide you with many enriching and empowering experiences in sports and in life.

Anthony Lanzillo is a mental skills coach to athletes. He is always encouraging athletes to look at sports as half-full.

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